Set up PARA

Set up PARA

  • Establish projects
    • Pull out all actionable notes from Cerebrarium
    • put it all in Projects
      • Do not think about the hierarchy or schema just yet. Just do it.
    • Also create new entries for projects that you have thought about but never put into action.
  • tag statuses of all projects
  • tagging vs. categorization by hierarchy on projects
    • maybe time for a retrospect on this topic


2021-03-27 12:08 AM

  • The notion of area in the PARA method seems very vague.
  • It almost feels like it's there to make the word PARA more catchy and roll off your tongue... A bit artificial? loosey goosey?
  • It is clear that something not actionable (not a project) is an area, but how do you distinguish it from resources?
    • Is an area simply a think wrapper around projects and resources?
    • A categorization?
  • Will have to ponder a bit more on this after I've established all my projects

2021-03-27 12:49 AM

  • Dendron's hierarchical way of organizing notes naturally eliminate the need to artificially set up the areas in PARA
  • Simply not thinking about a rigid structure for PARA makes it much more easier to grasp the idea.

2021-04-15 3:37 AM

  • It is a bit hard trying to navigate between projects.
  • Using a flat hierarchy of projects.* is simple, but in the graph view everything is overlapping.
    • There is no distinction between active and pending projects.
    • Projects need to be archived to make room for other projects to become visible.
  • The alternative is to ditch tagging with tags.projects.[active|pending] and simply making a* hierarchy for currently active projects and projects.pending.* for planned projects.
    • Maybe also just have a local projects.archived.* hierarchy? I need to think about this.

2021-07-04 14:40

  • A lot of time has past, and I got distracted by a lot of the minutiae of life during that time.
  • Tagging is broken, and this article goes deep into how tagging should work.
    • For now, I think this hierarchical project status tagging is sufficient.
    • Calling this done and will come back to this for incremental improvements.