Notes on this video

  • Anxiety and stress is our brains capacity to predict danger.

    • An opportunity to look into to the future and be prepared for the possible outcomes.
    • Usually focused on negative consequences.
  • It exists for a reason. It gives us the ability to avoid them.

  • Anxiety involves you.

    • Consequences you are anticipating to happen, and the preventative actions you may or may not take.
    • Insecurities.
  • Anxiety is a future-focused mind.

    • Some people may think they are worried about something that they did / happened in the past, but what they are doing is they are looking at the event that happened in the past and projecting the consequences into the future.
  • Since anxiety is the ability to make predictions, the more you are capable of predicting what is going to happen, the worse your anxiety is.

  • Response to anxiety.