2021-08-01 03:46

  • This is my primary goal for keeping my digital garden.

    • To organize my thoughts and extract immediately actionable items out of it.
  • I usually have very big ideas and not enough momentum to deliver or act accordingly.

  • Classic debate of what drives people to do stuff:

    1. It's motivation that does this.
    2. It's discipline.
  • Being motivated seems to be the more romanticized choice for people.

  • Having discipline is taxing. It's dreadful and boring.

  • Nowadays I tend to believe that motivation does not end up with action. I have proved by brainwashing myself with motivational videos, thoughts and books multiple times and still not picking up my pen throughout my life.

  • I believe and been telling myself and others that discipline is what really drives action, but I don't seem to be disciplining myself that much.

2021-08-01 04:32

  • One bit of fact that I've heard somewhere is that anxiety keeps you from tasks that need considerable commitment.

  • I do feel like I have to dissect this properly starting with a proper definition of motivation, discipline, and the likes because they are all somewhat interchangeable in a sentence if I don't.